Hello, If you are here, you want to know me. Having a blog was my long time dream and it took my some time to finally start with it. I’m not that good with the computer and I know nothing about graphic design and stuff like this but I’m taking it as a challenge. Two of my biggest passions are travelling and DIY and these will be my main focus. I hope you’ll have fun with me.

I’m from Slovenia. It’s a lovely country but travelling from here is not easy at all I usually travel from foreign airports that are few hours away. From one part of Europe to another usually take me around 12 hours. I love doing it so it’s not a problem at all I’m not complaining. OK, I do complain sometimes. It’s easy to wake up in the middle of the night when you know a new adventure is waiting for you. Travel is passion! I have also a passion for taking pictures and I have a nice collection waiting to be shared. I’m trying to improve my photographic skills. In the last years I’m combining the love for music with travels. It can be very exhausting at moments but it brings a lot of joy. Thank to this I met a lot of great friends along the way. Travelling represents some kind of freedom.

My other passion is DIY specially making earrings. I have already a nice collection. I have a quite stressful job in logistics and it’s nothing better to find a way to clear your mind. Creating definitely helps me. Jogging is very helpful too haha . It’s a great feeling wearing your own creations. I would like to recycle more. Lately I’m discovering how to make jewelry from plastic bottles. I also make home-made detergents. When you do things on your own, you know the substances you use and they are not harmless. It’s also cheaper!

Love Barbara xx

My contact: barbslin@gmail.com